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  • You will find three main business models for selling on Amazon that are taught in FBA SellerĂ¢€™s Ascent system

    You will find three main business models for selling on Amazon that are taught in FBA SellerĂ¢€

    1. Used Book Business
    2. New Goods Business via Retail Arbitrage
    3. Retail Business via Wholesalers and Manufacturers.

    Used Books Business

    A second hand books business involves sourcing highly valuable paperback and hardcover books that range in topics from cooking, mathematics to medical studies. A number of these kinds of books sell for over $20 and technical books can easily sell for $100. If you realise where to find, purchase, process and ship these books then you can create a hefty profit quick. You can start e-commerce with very little initial money and quickly see large cash returns if you discover great books.

    E-commerce model is exciting because a $1 book can earn you $20-$100. The act of trying to find high-valued products utilizing a Smartphone or Smartphone (PDA) with specialized computer programs to look for the Amazon selling price is known as “scouting.”

    The used book business can be characterized as:
    • High margins, large profits, large interest in books.
    • Highly competitive due to the number of large sellers along with other book scouters.
    • Requires processing, shipping, and donating/disposing many books at are unsellable (i.e. not profitable or poor condition).
    • Requires scouting equipment to look for the book’s value.

    On the Amazon marketplace, used media items that have been in high demand are highly profitable. Master techniques to build e-commerce focus on getting top quality bulk media for inexpensive. Businesses source media for pennies around the dollar by establishing strong websites, media buyback campaigns, media donations. This complete used book and media business system including setup, operations and book acquisition is included extensively in FBA Seller’s Ascent 123 Sell Books.

    Selling on Amazon FBA

    New Goods Business (Retail Arbitrage)

    If you select to sell new goods that you discover on discount, you can sell virtually anything that provides a great bargain. The retail arbitrage business requires testing out different stores to determine when things go on clearance, discount or get changed during the seasons. Like a retail arbitrage aficionado, you are planning to buy merchandise in which the demand is low and ship to Amazon FBA in which the demand is high.

    No more camping season who are around you? No problem, someone is camping somewhere and can want all those lanterns on clearance for $5. Toys are on clearance because nobody wants the pony show LEGO set, great! People love LEGO on Amazon! When you know where and how to locate new products at super discounts, you can make a lot of money.

    The retail arbitrage business could be characterized as:
    • Fun and exciting hunting for new products which make you cash.
    • Strong margins on your products.
    • Source virtually anywhere from sporting goods stores to Kmart.
    • Requires scouting equipment and software to scan and see the value of merchandise
    • Internet from deal websites like eBay and

    This complete new goods business system including setup, operations and acquisition is included extensively in FBA Seller’s Ascent 123 Sell New Goods.

    Services Business (Wholesalers)

    The “New Products Business” is sourcing products direct from manufacturers and wholesalers. The “New Products Business” requires additional paperwork, accounting and professionalism. E-commerce may have many competitors with similar brand name products in addition to lower income when compared with used goods. E-commerce model also requires investing larger sums of cash inside your products. It is a good idea to ‘transition’ into selling new goods when you have had success selling used books and doing retail arbitrage.

    The “New Products Business” by direct sourcing can be characterized:
    • Thrilling to land brand accounts with large wholesalers.
    • Requires research, scenario planning, and decision-making.
    • Requires extra money and investment.
    • Requires an understanding of profit margin, rank and accounting.
    • Requires building relationships with sales representatives.

    The world's your oyster to the number of new goods you can sell on Amazon and that’s why this is where everyone ought to make an effort to reach. You don’t need to sell 1000 different types of things like selling used media and retail arbitrage; you can focus and build just a little castle of merchandise inside your niche.

    Added by Emmanuel & Rivera on Fri, Jun 29th 2012